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5 tips to teach my teenager to save vacation money

During the holidays, we often receive a lot of pocket money. The start of the school year is approaching and your child still has some vacation money left. How can we teach them to save with a good foundation in managing their money? In this article, we share tips to encourage your child to save vacation money intelligently. You can now instill good financial habits in your child to help them build their future life on solid foundations. Up to you ! Follow these simple tips for a thrifty start to school. 👍🏻 Start doing your accounts During the holidays, your child surely has several sources of money: parents, grandparents, godparents... everyone has spoiled them! To start their school year on a good basis, you will teach your child how to properly manage their pocket money without suffocating them. The first step is to do the accounts. 💰 Encourage your child to count what is left of their vacation. He will thus be able to get a real idea and better manage his budget. It’s also a habit that he can keep every month. To manage his personal finances, he

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